Balearic Islands

Balearic Islands
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Balearic Islands

The Balearic Islands, a group of islands in the Mediterranean, belong to Spain and have a total area of ​​around 5,040 km². The islands that belong to the Balearic Islands are located in the western Mediterranean. They are between 90 and 200 km from mainland Spain, specifically the east coast. Mallorca , Formentera, Menorca , Ibiza and Cabrera are the most famous islands in the Balearic Islands . There are also around 145 islands, which are not inhabited. The largest island is Mallorca. Palma de Mallorca is the capital of the Balearic Islands and is known as a party hotspot. But the archipelago has a lot more to offer besides party hotspots and beach holidays. There are some interesting places, sights and highlights that holidaymakers shouldn’t miss.

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Arrival – Visit the Balearic Islands quickly and cheaply

In contrast to other travel destinations, you can get to the islands relatively cheaply and quickly by plane. According to statistics, around 98 percent of tourists come to the Balearic Islands by air. The remaining holidaymakers take the ferry from the mainland. The fastest way is of course via airline. The main airport is also in Palma de Mallorca. From the airport you can easily travel to the holiday resorts and hotels by rental car, taxi and bus. A sturdy suitcase with a polycarbonate shell and one piece of hand luggage are recommended as luggage for a week. It’s best to use a luggage scale so that you don’t have to pay high freight charges at the airport and you can weigh your luggage before you leave.

The diversity of the Balearic Islands is convincing

The Balearic Islands is one of the most important and largest holiday hotspots in Europe. If you want to enjoy a wonderful bathing and beach holiday, a holiday in the Balearic Islands is the right choice. Sun, beach, sea, that’s what many tourists want for the most wonderful time of the year. The majority of holidaymakers visit the largest island in the Balearic Islands, Mallorca. Trading, snorkeling and many other water sports can be done on the Mediterranean Sea.

But the Balearic Islands also have a lot to offer in terms of landscape. Cyclists and hikers also get their money’s worth in the Balearic Islands. However, spring and autumn are the best seasons for hiking and cycling tours. During these seasons, the selected island can be explored in a comfortable and relaxed way. The following are interesting, among others:

Balearic Islands

  • Time of almond blossom (mid-January to mid/end of February)
  • Hikes over the mountain ranges of the Serra de Tramuntana
  • Cliffs around Puerto Sóller on Mallorca

Romantic gorges, fascinating flora and fauna as well as idyllic bays and grottos await visitors. The island of Menorca is a UNESCO biosphere reserve and offers interesting flora and fauna. Anyone who wants to go on hiking tours in the Balearic Islands can discover hidden valleys, cozy bays, orange trees and an intact landscape. The northwest of Mallorca offers a unique mountain world and is an absolute must for hikers. Anyone who reaches the summit will be rewarded with fascinating views.

The sights of the Balearic Islands

Of course, there is not only the right offer for beach vacationers, hikers and cyclists. Mallorca, Ibiza and the other large islands also offer plenty of highlights for culture lovers.

Mallorca with interesting highlights

Caves, mountains, beaches and sea, Mallorca has it all to offer. But if you are already on Mallorca, you should also discover the other beauties of the island in the meantime. On the island of Mallorca you should definitely see the following sights:

  • Palma Cathedral
  • Palace of Palma
  • Burg Belver

These are just some of the highlights of Mallorca. Belver Castle is located just outside Mallorca and dates back to the 14th century. Also interesting are the Cuevas del Drach (grottoes), which hide an underground lake and are also worth a visit. The cozy village of Fornalutx should also be visited. It is located in the middle of orange plantations, which makes the village particularly idyllic. Simply magical and picturesque.

Ibiza with UNESCO World Heritage Site

On the island of Ibiza there are also exciting and interesting sights such as the city’s cathedral and the museum. The Dalt Vila district is characterized by its very own character. It is reminiscent of a fortress and is absolutely worth seeing. The following attractions should also be visited:

  • Hill of windmills
  • Puig des Molins in the middle of the hill with archaeological museum (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  • Cava MarCa stalactite caves near Puerto San Miguel

In the archaeological museum you can marvel at excavations that date back to the Punic period. Ibiza has a lot of variety to offer.

Menorca with concentrated beauty

The island of Menorca with its numerous sights is not to be despised. Churches and medieval buildings, great flora and fauna and much more can be found in the Balearic Islands. You should include the highlights listed here on your holiday plan:

  • Old town hall of the capital Mahón
  • City of Ciudadela on the west coast with many medieval highlights
  • Albufera Natural Park

Water sports enthusiasts, culture and nature lovers will find just the right thing in Menorca. Many tourists visit the Albufera Natural Park and can observe comorants, ospreys and many other rare bird species.

Formentera with many mansions

The island of Formentera with San Franzisco de Javier, the island’s capital, also offers pure variety. Lots of impressive mansions and the old fortified church should be visited. For hikers, there is the Roman Trail, which is located in La Mola in the southeast of the island. Fantastic insights into nature are offered.

Nightlife on Spain’s islands

The Balearic Islands are an absolute paradise for party guests. Partygoers can settle down along the beach and in the islands’ metropolises and enjoy the nightlife. Discos, dance bands and bars as well as cozy cafés and restaurants can be found on the streets of the islands. The nightlife in Mallorca and Ibiza is particularly varied. From some of the dance floors on the terraces of the discos and bars you can enjoy a great view of the open sea. The most popular strongholds in Mallorca are Playa de Palma and Palma de Mallorca’s old town. Playa de Palma and the old town are of course a little different. The old town is a bit more dignified and Mediterranean. However, that doesn’t detract from the liveliness.

Palma’s beach promenade offers live music, mostly jazz and blues. This is also called the Paseo Marítimo and has an elegant touch. But Ibiza is also lined with discos, bars, cafés and restaurants. Just like in Mallorca, Ibiza also has popular live jazz music alongside disco music. No matter which island in the Balearic Islands, there is a varied and interesting nightlife to discover.

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